Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This is my first real quilt. Finished Nov. 15,2011. My new great grandson has me thinking it is time to pass on some love to be remembered when I'm not around. This took me a month of heard headed thoughts of "I can do it" attatude. Finishing it this morning has me on a roll so I will be trying to make another one for my other great grandson. Then on to a great granddaughter. Lots of work but so much fun when it is done with a purpose.
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Best Bargin Ever

Posted by PicasaAfter raising 7 children I became the Queen of bargins.  BUT this has to be the best bargin ever.  Our town has a For Sale Internet place that this Brother Serger was listed on for $20 this week.   I have a Brother Serger bought last year and paid over $300 for it.  I have always believed you get what you pay for but couldn't pass up this temtation thinking even if it needed work it would be worth the $20.  WELL, to my surprise it really was a super bargin.  Not only did the Serger come in it's original box with original instructions books and all the extra's that come with a new serger but the detailed bill of $197. for repair and service made on it.  Also had two hard back Serger books as well as a large bag of all kinds of lace + cards of cute buttons.  I brought it home sat it up along side my old Sears sewing machine and my Brother Serger bought last year and plugged it in.  Grabbed a scrap piece of material and stepped on the foot feed.  WOooo HOooo.  She runs like a little champ.  NOW really.  Is this a bargin or what.  Sometimes good luck comes when you least expect it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pam (my daughter) Picked Vegies

I got Pam to let me take a picture of some of our first ripe vegies.
July 4th 2011
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I'm having fun with the garden being made inside the EMU cage this year. Being I gave the EMU away last summer decided it would be a good place to make garden and not worry about the deer eating it all up before I could. I love putting little extra's in the garden just for fun. I have my little pigs here garding the crops. They are by the Tomatotios and bush beans. Yummmm
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Never tell Grandma...Too Old.  I have been working on this landscape job for my sister that lives in Redding.  This is her front yard with cement stepping stones all around it so she can walk around without stepping on the ground cover I will be planting when I get through pulling weeds and turning the soil over to soften it up for new plants.  She has a huge yard that has 4 levels.  Three of the levels  will be weeded and planted with different color ground cover.  The top level will be weeded and planted with hedges around it and garden inside.  Looks like this old lady will have a job for quite a while.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Keeping old Tools for Good Memories

Just because the handles or parts of any kind get broken with my old tools, don't mean they have to be thrown away. Pam (my daughter) has found a friend that will put them together as a fun thing so they can be kept forever. This is one of my little tool friends that will remind me of all the work they helped me with in my little corner of the world sense 1989.
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Monday, May 23, 2011

I went out to take a picture of my cactus in bloom and found my kids resting together so took their picture also. I'm so happy all my loving animals get along and are happy with each other
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