Thursday, October 6, 2011

Best Bargin Ever

Posted by PicasaAfter raising 7 children I became the Queen of bargins.  BUT this has to be the best bargin ever.  Our town has a For Sale Internet place that this Brother Serger was listed on for $20 this week.   I have a Brother Serger bought last year and paid over $300 for it.  I have always believed you get what you pay for but couldn't pass up this temtation thinking even if it needed work it would be worth the $20.  WELL, to my surprise it really was a super bargin.  Not only did the Serger come in it's original box with original instructions books and all the extra's that come with a new serger but the detailed bill of $197. for repair and service made on it.  Also had two hard back Serger books as well as a large bag of all kinds of lace + cards of cute buttons.  I brought it home sat it up along side my old Sears sewing machine and my Brother Serger bought last year and plugged it in.  Grabbed a scrap piece of material and stepped on the foot feed.  WOooo HOooo.  She runs like a little champ.  NOW really.  Is this a bargin or what.  Sometimes good luck comes when you least expect it.

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