Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Getting to Know What Grandma is About

I hope to show how fun can give you life. Laughing instead of feeling sorry for ourselves is one way to stay young and another is to stay busy. My busy time that helps take me to good places are all my crafts and arts. When your mind is on a special project there is no room for the sorry for me times. I'm a REAL Country and an OLD (young at heart) gal. Love creating and sharing my fun with others.
I have joined several of the Yahoo Groups and find friends that are just like extended family to me. Some of my groups are, OSA (A wonderful rubber stamping group for Asian Arts) AllEggArt which has some really great egg artists and friends., EggArtBazar with more good friends and talented egg artists, eggyannies with fun and learning time with great friends, forgourdness sake, my gourd group. Great talent and friends here too. I can't forget my Fashion and Crochet groups either as I have over 500 of the little beauty's that I need to dress and find homes for. Eee Gads, this only touches some of my groups that I visit regular. I also belong to BayouCraftsandThings. I used to live in Louisiana where the leader of the group lives so found her when looking for doll things. This group shows what ever they are working on. There are several others that I can't get to often but love having. You can see I could stay on the computer most of the day just to keep up with these.
I will show you pictures of some of my first arts and more as I make the new things. I hope you will enjoy seeing what I do for fun when I can steal the time.

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  1. oh Sweet Grandma Joyce, my Dearest Friend,,, so good to see you posting on here,, now i can sneek in and see what your up to love your crafting ides you share in Bayou Craft and Things. Have fun and keep crafting hon.your indeed full of encouragement.. hugs TC