Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Up Dating my Fish World

OK , so another challange is here calling for attention.  My fish pond sprung a leak so a new place for the fish is a demand.  I decided I have an old bathtub just sitting so it should make a new place that there will be no worry of springing a leak again.  So off to see what I can do toget it usable.  I found that the connections to the tub needed replaced and up dated so off to the Hardware store I went.  OUCH All I needed was a nut that holds the drain pipe together.  NO such luck.  Have to buy the whole connection. Which is $$$  OH so lets go to plan B and try to fix the old in a new way.  With screwdriver and hammer in hand I got the old glued pvc out of the drain to add a new on.  OPPS. Looks like the main drain connection, Medal part for the water to drain out of the main tub is leaking.  GRrrrr  On to plan C.  The blasted thing is glued not just screwed in.  Pam's {My daughter}boyfriend came by and saw me fighting to cut off this part and took pitty on me enough to give me a helping hand.  What a nice guy.  I never ask for help but when given by choice I do accept sometimes.   LOL OK  He got it off.  Now back to the Hardware store.  YIKES another disapointment.  Have to buy the whole part Inside drain and connector.  Gads.  even bigger $$ than the other SOoo On to plan D.
Now this story is beginning to get beyond telling so I'll just say I had another plastic fish pond that had been used to grow water plants in.  It is now changed , water plants waiting to be replanted and some given away and it is now placed in it's new area with fish very happy in the new larger pond. Cloe thiks it's a neat place to watch the fish.

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