Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Entries for Redding Art Center for Feb. 2011

These faces are a new kind of project for me. They were to be the start for cloth body dolls. Not working with clay and painting of the faces OR working with the fabric stiffener they were quite a challange and I had a deadline to enter them coming up much too fast. This caused me to try to cut down the needed time for a whole doll to do the wall hanging faces. One of my memories for Feb comes from time in Louisiana in Feb when the Marti Gras happens. This brought this kind of face came to mind. They are all made with a mould from Sherry Goshon ( You can see her work at: one point of making a total mess with fabric stiffener I was discuraged with the total mess I was in and ran out of patience for working with it. Was ready to give up the whole thing of making them for our Feb. Art Center display. I went to bed after fighting with the Fabric face disappointed and ready to forget the Art Show. The next morning bright and early with a clear mind , not normaly being a quitter, I decided that I should try one more time. Well, much to my surprise everything I put my hand to was working. YEAaaa  I will be taking all my entries down to put in the Art Center on Sunday, The Big Football day.
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