Wednesday, March 2, 2011

When my daughter Pam brought the four kittens to me crying that they were going to be killed because no one wanted to try to keep them alive. Someone had thrown them in a trash been before their eyes were open. I wasn't too happy with her for bringing this challange to me. I used an eyedropper for the first two days every 2 hours around the clock. Then went to doll baby bottle till they could be taught to drink from a bowl. All the work and worry were more than worth the work. This little only boy of the litter is now the love of my life. They came to me at a time I was needing a reason to think life was good. I now know they were one of the best things that was ever given to me. Boots here is the love of my life and I seem to be his. He is with me all the time regardless if I'm in the house or outside working the garden area or what ever needs work. I love him so very much even though till now I had never been a real cat lover. Strange how life happenings can change a persons ideas of what is inportant.
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